the Art of Mridanga and Kirtan
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Goswami Maharaj lectures complete list

All of the audio from Srila Goswami Maharaj’s lectures has now been prepared for the web, and is available for download below.

111111_GoswamiMj_Thailand — What is real kirtan?
111113_GoswamiMj_Thailand — The taste we all crave
111115_GoswamiMj_Thailand — Supreme benefit
111117_GoswamiMj_Thailand — What is initiation?
111119_GoswamiMj_Thailand — Who am I?
111121_GoswamiMj_Thailand — Deep feelings of devotees
111123_GoswamiMj_Thailand — Beyond our understanding
111125_GoswamiMj_Thailand — The difference between relative and absolute beauty
111127_GoswamiMj_Thailand — The role of concentration on the spiritual path
111129_GoswamiMj_Thailand — About Raghunath das Goswami
111203_GoswamiMj_Thailand — Die to LIve, practical tips?
111205_GoswamiMj_Thailand — How to stay when you want to leave?
111220_GoswamiMj_Thailand — How to cross over pride?
111222_GoswamiMj_Thailand — What is service?
111224_GoswamiMj_Thailand — The world of Krishna
111226_GoswamiMj_Thailand — Live every day as your last day
111228_GoswamiMj_Thailand — Which service is better?
111230_GoswamiMj_Thailand — How to live with loneliness?
111231_GoswamiMj_Thailand — New Year – New Leaf
120102_GoswamiMj_Thailand — Living an active spiritual life
120104_GoswamiMj_Thailand — Transcendental Relationship with Guru
120106_GoswamiMj_Thailand — Srimad Bhagavatam is the treasure of the Vedas
120112_GoswamiMj_Thailand — About Gopal Bhatta Goswami
120114_GoswamiMj_Thailand — Mahaprabhu’s last day in Nabadwip
120116_GoswamiMj_Thailand — How to use Intelligence in Krishna Consciousness?
120120_GoswamiMj_Thailand — How to be free of prejudice?
120124_GoswamiMj_Thailand — The potent nature of transcendental sound
120128_GoswamiMj_Thailand — Beginning of Spring in Krishna’s World
120130_GoswamiMj_Thailand — About Advaita Acharya
120202_GoswamiMj_Thailand — About Ramanujacharya
120204_GoswamiMj_Thailand — Artificial Intelligence and Levels of Divinity
120205_GoswamiMj_Thailand — About Nityananda Balaram
120207_GoswamiMj_Thailand — About Narottam Das Thakur
120209_GoswamiMj_Thailand — What is sin?
120211_GoswamiMj_Thailand — About Sripad Siddhanti Maharaj
120212_GoswamiMj_Thailand — About Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur
120214_GoswamiMj_Thailand — About Sri Giriraj Govardhan